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I am sitting in the Calgary airport waiting for my red-eye flight back home.

First my self-pity wanted to make me write an entry abut how awful the last 10 days of spending time with my family was. Next my desire for respect told me to be flippant and understated about it.

But really? Fuck it. I don't like coming home; but I don't do it for me. And suddenly I am okay with that.

Easier to say when I am finally on my own, I'll grant you. Hopefully I'll look at this entry next year when it is time to go home and remind myself of the way I feel right now.

It wasn't all bad. I became acquainted with my family's new dog, Hannah. Hannah is a Saint Bernard, which if you know Saint Benards (and I didn't) pretty much sums it up. I am really in love with her personality at this point, and if all Saint Bernards are much like her, I shall be sorely tempted to get one, one day. She is a big sweetie. Every night I took her out for a long walk, usually over an hour and usually just the two of us. Most days we took her out to a nearby park, now deserted in the snow. There we could let her off her lead and experience the majestic sight of a happy Saint Bernard running through the snow. And that was the best part of my holidays.

Also on the bright side, the CPAP treatment is really working. I was in a 6 hour meeting the week before I left for my holidays and didn't feel sleepy once. And since I am now longer 'under medical investigation' I can give blood again and did before I left.
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