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Though the weather outside is frightful

Looking out my window this morning, I am so glad my plans for today consist entirely of staying holed in my room, in my pajamas, on my bed, coding with my warm laptop occasionally padding out the kitchen, in bare feet, to make a mug of soup.

My last day of classes was on Monday, I showed up to the last networking class on Tuesday, and then gave blood soon after. I like giving blood. I feel like I am 'making a difference'; but I don't like the way it means the day is kind of shot from there. I alternated between sick, tired, giggly and cranky. Ctrl-D at mongolian grill, with it's opportunity to eats lots meat was welcomed.  I managed to stay awake until about 10:30pm thus not throwing my sleeping schedule out by too much.

Tomorrow my Chaos and Fractal project is due. Fortunately, I had the code running by Sunday night. There are a few bugs to work out, I need to write some stuff to go along with it, and I would like to make a few extensions so it really can handle arbitrary levels of detail (right now it points it when you ask for 10 or more levels of iteration that this isn't going to make a difference on a pixel by pixel basis).

My first exam is on the 9th,  9am, and for, fortunately, Chaos and Fractals. I need to go over some of the early stuff, and I don't remember much about Henon attractors; but  other than that I think I am going to do very well on this exam.

My take home exam for Russian, namely an essay of our choice is due on the 15th. I have no idea what I am going to write about. Maybe I should delve more into the work of the russian formalists. I really, really like the way they analyze short stories. When I was in high school, it was always the short stories that I had trouble with. I just could not seem to wrap my head around them; but I feel like I am 'getting' short stories now.
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