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Gave blood for the 12th time tonight. There were two new things there. They had new finger poking devices for the initial iron level tests. They hurt much less than the old ones. I was so grateful for the improvement, I went to the trouble of filling out a comments form just to say that I really liked them. The other new thing were new machines for taking blood pressure/pulse and temperature as part of your interview with the nurse. A 9 minute donation time put it roughly average. 

I have recognized the nurses for awhile; but they have started recognizing me.

There was an overly enthusiastic newspaper clipping thanking blood donors up on the wall, written by one of the nurses who had just gone on maternity leave.
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It's been a month. I should probably say something.

Went camping, made lots of Jam.

I have an entry filled with my latest tale of woe and emo; but rewriting it till I can read it the next day without wanting to slap myself for being overly self pitying.

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Another down beat Friday entry. This one isn't quite a depressing as last weeks though.

I got a tentative diagnosis of narcolepsy this morning. They'll know for sure after I do a sleep study; but that may not be for awhile.

Sorry everyone I have fallen asleep on!

Beets and Carrots and Rhubarb

Went paint-balling with my workplace yesterday. If we remove the bit where I got hit on the knuckles of my right hand the second time and getting hit on my head, I'd say I had fun. I couldn't close my right hand for over an hour afterwards. And I think the blow to the head may have caused a mild concussion. Both still hurt today; but the swelling has gone down. Another time, I'd wear gloves. And a helmet.

Today was a less violent day.

We went to the farmer's market, where in addition to a few other things I bought a few new basil plants. I repotted them today. Only one lone basil plant had survived. I rotated the box the basil plants are growing in to give it the best light. One of the strawberry plants was repotted. I still need another pot for the strawberry plant I am keeping inside.

I, being a big softie even for a plant I plan on eating, haven't been able to bring myself to throw out the excess lettuces, or plant them outside to be eaten by rabbits in their infancy. I moved some into pots that are probably too small; but better than leaving them in the trays they came in. I took the pot the very first plant we acquired (quite by unfortunate accident) had been in, and cleared out the dried brown remains of it and planted another three lettuces. I have tripled my lettuce capacity. There is still room for a few more pots; but I still haven't used even half the lettuce I bought.

Come on people, someone has to have balcony or a windowsill or unused flower bed! Please give these lettuces home! They are still growing despite their cramped quarters.

The really exciting news has been the arrival of the beets. Most of the seeds appear to have sprouted today. (At least, I think it is the beets, I have gotten a little confused about which pot was carrots and which was beets; but the little stems are purpley red.). All but one of the onions has come up. The radishes are being a little disappointing. After the first two, only one more has poked its head up. If no one else has shown up by next weekend, I think I'll reseed

In the meantime, I grow concerned for the carrots. I planted them before the beets, and the two seed packets say they have the same germination time. The thyme in the mixed herb box is also dying on me. I gave it some plant food (hopefully not too much) and extra water in case, being at the back of the box, it wasn't getting its fair share of the rain.

I ate raw rhubarb for the first time in close to decade tonight. It isn't the same though, to eat it all clean and trim from bundle. Eating wild rhubarb was one of those idyllic cornerstone memories of mid-childhood. I remembered being sufficiently small I'd have to brace myself to pull the stalk out, then cutting the tops and the slimy root off with a pocket knife, and brushing the dirt off before eating it, still slightly warm from the sun.

Rainy Day

Today's rain, while unwelcome by myself walking -*cough* *getting a ride* *cough*- to work, was well welcomed by the garden on the balcony. The onions and radishes have started sprouting. The lettuces are noticabley larger. No signs from the beets or carrots; but they aren't due to sprout for another week or so. Inside, one of the tomato plants seems to be surging ahead of the other two. On the other hand I have appeared to have killed the basil. It isn't too late, so I think I'll just get a new plant, like the gardening n00b I am. I still need to repot the strawberries, I think I'll keep one inside and one out, to see if the plants are happier in their tinfoil dome with the plant light, or out in the actual sun, little of it my north facing balcony gets.

I had a long talk with my mother last night. My aunt that I thought had recovered from ovarian cancer is very ill again. On a brighter note she told about when she was in university and she and friend went on a road-trip and ended up hitchiking on Saint Pierre and Miquelon. Notablly she did not tell me this story either before or during my time at university.

Sadly I currently have too much sense to climb into the car of a strange drunk man and then make a break for it at the next rest-stop (She made it sound like fun, in a rather unexpected turn of conversation).

The wikipedia article on Saint Pierre and Miquelon has this to say:

"Langlade currently has no year-round residents, since its sole inhabitant, Charles Lafitte, died in July 2006"


Knife Sharpening Trucks

Last night I learned that there exist knife sharpening trucks, that drive around suburban neighborhoods, ringing bells, and apparently people then come out of their houses, with knifes and scissors, and then the guy in the truck sharpens them for a fee.

I have never seen such a truck. I have never heard anyone mention such a truck. In all the books, and tv shows and movies and magazine articles and websites and blogs I have read over the past 22 years, not once have I ever encountered a knife sharpening truck or a reference to a knife sharpening truck.

How did I miss this? What else have I missed?

EDIT: My mother hadn't heard of them either.


So, as last year, we are growing vegetables on our blacony. Unlike last year, this year we planting only somewhat late, instead of suicide late. The trouble is I am a fool. A fool who did not read the instructions on the lettuce plants. I have more than 5 times as many lettuce plants as I can support. I have 39 lettuce plants in need of homes. They don't have to be good ones, just homes.  We have gravel and dirt, so if you can supply a containor, I'll plant the lettuce for you.

Just think of the luxury of your very own, freshly picked lettuce for salads this summer!

I have three varieties of lettuce for you to choose from!