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A Foo's Reflections

Or, more foo'ishness

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Math_foo has at this time no comment concerning her biography. She is presently undergoing psychiatric treatment for her tendency to refer to herself in the third person.

GCS/M d- s-:+ a-- C++ UL+ P+ L++ E- W++ N o? K+ w- O? M+ V? PS++ PE Y+ PGP t 5+ X+ R !tv b+++ DI+ D? G e++>+++ h--- r++ x+
23, 42, 604, 8-bit peoples, alcohol, algorithms, atheism, avoiding the daystar, baths, bawls, beer, books, brie, british humor, brutalism, bubble tea, bubblegum, bubbles, c, caffeine, calvin and hobbes, canada, chaos, cheese, chocolate, chopin, classic literature, classical music, clicky keyboards, coding, computer science, computers, cooking, cp6, dance dance revolution, dandilions, ddr, discordia, discordianism, don't panic, douglas adams, ducks, dystopias, eris, finno-ugric languages, food, fractals, free as in beer, free software, functional programming languages, games, geeking out, geeks, geeky music, ginger beer, girl genius, girls with glasses, glow-in-the-dark, hack the planet, hacker spaces, happy hardcore, haskell, hugging, jonathan coulton, kissing, kiwis, languages, laughing, linux, lisp, logic programming, love, making people happy, math, mathematics, microserfs, ml, monty python, music, my spies are everywhere, nabokov, narcolepsy, neil gaiman, novels, online comics, open source, open source software, pants, pink ties, programming, programming languages, prolog, python, radioactivity, random acts of kindness, randomness, reading, red dwarf, red swingline staplers, russian, russian church bells, russian formalism, russian literature, russian silver age, sandman, scheme, sci-fi, science, science fiction, science fiction movies, science fiction novels, sex, share the pants, shiny things, sleep disorders, small fuzzy animals, snowflakes, squid, starburst, subway rides, sushi, symbolism, system's twilight, techno, technology, terry pratchett, the internet, the law of fives, thinking, three dead trolls, turing machines, type theory, ubuntu, umeshu, unlinked lj interests, unusual pop flavours, watchmen, web comics, webcomics, weird facts, wikipedia, wikis, zoroastrianism,